Luxurious Folding Arm & Retractable Awning in Central Coast & Sydney

Luxurious Folding Arm & Retractable Awning in Central Coast & Sydney

Sydney and the Central Coast are no stranger to climatic extremes. From frightful winters to ghastly summers, we truly experience some of the world’s most temperamental weather. But we’re also super social and love hanging out with friends and family! Therefore, we need something in place to ensure we can enjoy ourselves without copping too much sun or rain.

Enter the legendary folding arm awning. Designed for easy-retractability, these fantastic structures are made for keeping us dry in winter and sun-protected in summer. What’s more, they add an elegant style to your entertainment zone. So, do you think this is perfect for your home this summer?


What is a Folding Arm Awning?

A folding arm retractable awning is designed to provide protection from the sun, rain and to retract easily while not required to leave a neat and put away look at feel to any space.


They typically sit above windows or glass doors and can be manually extended down through a frame and/or rail system. They are designed to provide cover and shade from the elements. Traditional styles will come in a small number of styles and patterns and are often found on older homes.


These styles are a bit different from traditional structures, as they extend horizontally through a crank or motorised system to provide roof-like protection and cover over a large area. As is in their name, they are retractable to seamlessly disappear keeping the aesthetics of a space intact.


Our extremely popular retractable styles come in a variety of choices to make the best use of your open-plan outdoor space. Sizes can also vary a great deal so speak to us about your space requirements and we can advise on the best product and plan.


Features of Folding Arm Awning

Our durable and attractive Sydney and Central Coast structures are specially designed to withstand any and all harshe elements that Sydney throws at us. There are solutions for every situation, from small terraces to large outdoor entertainment areas.


They come with a large spread and variety of bracket fixings that can be installed based on any set up. They also have a variable pitch control option to easily alter the angle and height when required.


At Smart Canvas, our designs come either motorised or manual and can also be installed with motion sensors, wind sensors, timers, sun sensors, or further connections and integrations to make your system automated.


What are the Benefits of a Folding Arm Awning?

  • Rain Resistant
    Our designs are also available with fully integrated rain hoods so that the fabric can be protected and awning components are safe when fully retracted.
  • Wind Resistant
    Our special outdoor folding arm awnings are able to be fitted with wind protection systems and wind sensors. These are designed to assist the awnings to withstand large gusts of harsh winds. They do this by automatically stabilising all of the awning’s structural components.
  • Sun Resistant
    The fabric of our folding arm awnings is designed to endure the harshest Australian sun without compromising its overall lifespan. We also offer special sun sensors that can optimise the awning’s function in ever-changing climates.


With the same benefits of fixed installations, having a shade that you can open and close with ease gives you the flexibility to enjoy the sunshine during favourable weather and be sheltered when necessary. By positioning the fall of the arms from 5° to 45°, you can have an outdoor room that can protect you against the sun or light rain, creating a cosy and private ambience. Our Sydney and Central Coast products are fully retractable and come with strong spring arms, providing maximum fabric tension at every position (note: cable arms are stronger than chain!).


See why our awnings are in such high demand

If you are looking for retractable awnings and roofs in Sydney or on the Central Coast, please speak to us today for a FREE measure and quote. Our team will always be happy to advise you on what design and material will be best for your needs. We are one of the largest suppliers and installers of shades, blinds and shutters so you can be assured that you are getting the highest level of quality and good old fashioned, prompt, reliable service for your home or business. If you like our awnings, why not check out our shutters, roller blinds and Roman blinds.


Talk to the team for a quote

We specialise in high quality European Aluxor Folding Arm shades that are particularly suitable for a terrace, patio, courtyard, balcony or large floor to ceiling windows. Contact Smart Canvas for a free quote on folding arm and retractable awnings on the Central Coast and in metropolitan Sydney, and see why we are number one in the industry.

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