Central Coast’s go-to Suppliers of Plantation Shutters

Central Coast’s go-to Suppliers of Plantation Shutters

Let our team fit out your windows for versatility, style, privacy, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. At Smart Canvas, we offer specially crafted shutters to compliment any Central Coast or Sydney home.


Reliable materials


We use a wide range of top quality materials to custom design the perfect solution for your home or business. Each individual base material has unique characteristics that provide a range of benefits to suit your specific shading needs.


Natural Timbers


With our Natural Timber range of plantation shutters, Central Coast and Sydney residents can create a cosy and intimate environment in any room. The smoothed, grainy wooden finish of the natural timbers adds that extra special ‘rustic homey edge’. Choose from our range of custom paint colours to blend and match to your home or business.


Our Natural Timber designs are best in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and offices. The synchronised rotation of the panels allows you to control penetrating sunlight, temperature and privacy. The solid timber provides 100% UV protection not just of the shutters themselves but all your household furniture; minimising sun damage.


Synthetic shutters


The Smart Canvas synthetic range is designed to be resistant to moisture, which is why they are an ideal choice for damp areas such as laundries, bathrooms and kitchens. By tilting the shutters you can have precise control of airflow, which works with the material to avoid water damage.


Our synthetic designs are highly affordable, durable and easy to install. They can also act as an in-house feature with our beautiful manufacturers paint colour range to help your windows match, blend in or stand out. All Smart Canvas products are custom designed in size and shape to uniquely fit your home or business.




Aluminium shutters are specifically manufactured for outdoor areas with in-built water-resistant and UV protection technology. You can create a new outdoor oasis in your front or backyard by simply adding them to your pre-existing bungalow, gazebo, or pergola.


Choosing to install the aluminium plantation design will allow you to entertain outdoors regardless of the weather. The full open/close function of the entire fitting with the traditional tilt-bar rotation of the panels gives you control of the sunlight and rain so you can enjoy the great outdoors comfortably.


We only design and build with the best materials for all our products. Whether you are looking to install plantation shutters in Central Coast or Sydney, call us on or email us today to organise our mobile showroom to come to you and get a free quote!

ph: 0420 615 995 e: sales@smartcanvas.com.au

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