Smart Canvas is specialised in replacement fabric for awnings on the Central Coast & Sydney areas. If your awning has suffered some wear and tear and is starting to look tired, a replacement is a great option. As we custom-make all of our products to your specifications, the addition of new material can completely renew your awning function and aesthetic, giving it a brand-new look!

Over time, the quality of an awning decreases as a result of its environment. An easy solution to freshen up your home’s exterior is with new fabric for your existing awning. Replace your sun damaged or faded retractable awning with a new 100% acrylic canvas or mesh fabric. You can order a new fabric and create a whole new look for your home. The cost to replace the existing fabric on your fixed or retractable awning is minimal, especially when compared to a complete replacement. With various materials, colours, styles and patterns to choose from, we can turn your torn up and wind damaged awning into new again!

There are times when you may need to remove the canvas or vinyl fabric from the frame of your canopy. Tradesman and pest control companies are not always the most careful when they need to alter awnings. There is always potential for them to damage awnings through improper removal or alteration, simply due to a lack of inexperience with awnings. Instead, make sure that awnings are removed properly so that they are kept in the best condition as possible. Please call us in advance, so that we can minimise damage by taking down your awning and refitting it later.

Need a replacement fabric for your awning or just want to change the fabric colour? Contact us to quickly provide you with an estimate. Smart Canvas can provide a free inspection of the frame and hardware of the existing awning and replace the new fabric for you.

Care and Maintenance of Fabric

Over time, even the most weather-resistant, durable, and sturdy awning will require maintenance. To ensure longevity of your fabric awning, it is advised to maintain a regular regiment of simply brushing off debris and dirt from fabric. To clean the awning, just rinse it with water. In a separate bucket, mix natural soap and water. With a clean brush, dunk into the bucket and clean the awning with sweeping motions; rinse thoroughly to remove all the soap. Always remember to allow the fabric to fully dry before retracting the awning, and enjoy your shade!

If you want a professional solution, Smart Canvas also offers a cleaning service to ensure your awning remains in perfect condition. If you don’t have time to clean, we’re here to help!

Before and After Replacement Fabric Awnings Gallery

Check out some of the Smart Canvas replacement fabric awning projects on the Central Coast and Sydney areas.